Active Dorset Strategy 2020-2025

We are delighted to be able to share our 2020–2025 strategy which sets out how we intend to positively impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of Dorset residents. Following consultation with a diverse range of partners, stakeholders and a cross section of individuals, our strategy sets out how increased physical activity can play a role in helping to achieve their hopes and ambitions.

A good deal of thought went into capturing what was important to many under represented groups as we know that very often their constituents are much less active than others, these will continue to be a focus for us.

We have seen that our greatest impact is often where we work with system partners to improve existing ways of working so that physical activity becomes embedded as business as usual and we aim to do more of this over the next period.

Our focus will remain on those who are the least active as that is where change can have the greatest positive effect. We will work and support our partners and stakeholders to use physical activity to achieve their priorities.

I hope you enjoy this short version of the strategy, we are very excited to start delivering it and seeing the positive impact it will bring to people in Dorset.