Our School Can

Our School Can

Our School Can Award Winners for 2019!

The Our School Can Awards give schools a great opportunity for schools to showcase what they do well. The award winners for 2019 were announced at the Dorset PE, Health and Well Being Conference on the 27th of September - the successful schools were:

The PRIMARY Award Winners

  • Our School Can 'Inspire Active Lunchtimes' Award - Winton Primary School
  • Our School Can 'Design an Innovative Curriculum to Engage all Learners through Physical Activity' Award - Bishop St Aldhelm's Primary School

The SECONDARY Award Winner

  • Our School Can 'Inspire Inclusive Opportunities for all Young People' Award - Victoria Education Centre

Thank you to all schools for applying for an Award, and congratulations to the three successful schools!

The 'Our School Can' Campaign and Pledge

The 'Our School Can' campaign is free and exclusive to Dorset schools! It has been launched by Active Dorset to showcase the important contributions that physical activity can make to improve the enjoyment, health, and well-being of children and young people's lives in Dorset.

We warmly invite all schools to join the campaign and...

  • Make a pledge for 2020!
  • Inspire active futures in your school!
  • Inspire other schools with your ideas!
  • Apply for an Our School Can Award, 2020 - details will be released in April.

Inspiring active futures is what 'Our School Can' is all about. Start today to create your Pledge and apply for an Award before the 24th July 2020. Listed below there are 5 simple steps to follow to begin your journey. Best of luck!

5 Steps to create your 'Our School Can’ pledge for 2020

  1. Consider how to influence new active choices for the children, young people and colleagues in your school.
  2. Be inspired by your school community to influence positive changes - e.g: encouraging walking, scooting and cycling more to school.
  3. Unite to create an 'Our School Can Pledge' in 50-80 words. Click here to pledge on-line.
  4. Post your pledge on your school website and invite your school community to follow the journey!
  5. Inspire other schools by sharing your pledge using social media. Link us to your messages using #OurPledge. Our social media sites are: Twitter - @active_dorset; Facebook - activedorset; and, Instagram - @activedorset