Key Documents

Key Documents

Step 1

If you wish to view what a survey questionnaire looks like before running it in your school, the following practice links are live until 27th July 2020. No answers will be stored from these, but they will allow you to view the questions quite easily in advance. Simply click on the relevant links below:

Step 2

Please download the Survey Checklist first, to ensure that you know what steps to take in the survey process. It will direct you to download specific letters and documents required by your school, to set up and complete the survey with. These documents are all available to download from the 'Step 2' section.

Survey Checklist

Class Selection Documents

Teacher Documents

Pupil Documents

Parent Letters

Step 3

Sport England has asked the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO), a well-established supplier of goods to schools, to get in touch with your school directly if you have enough survey responses to receive your equipment credits!

Once you hear from ESPO, please download their equipment brochure. You will be advised to choose either 1 x 10 credit item or 2 x 5 credit items, and to place your order with ESPO directly. These items amount to £100.

Step 4

All participating schools should receive a report from Sport England, at the end of the following term. The survey consists of attitudinal and behavioural questions, and a school report will analyse data from answers to both sets of questions.

Please note that for Year 1 & 2, the parents answer the behavioural questions on the Survey on behalf of their children. The children only answer the attitudinal questions. So parental responses are vital for full reports!

Healthy Schools Rating

Schools are also eligible to receive a rating from the DfE regarding their Healthy Schools status. Awards will be made based on the answers given in the teachers' survey. If successful, a school will be awarded a bronze, silver or gold rating. Schools completing the survey in the summer term (2019), will be amongst the first cohort to receive a rating. Please click here to read more about the Healthy Schools Rating from the Department for Education.