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1. Primary PE and School Sport Premium Announcement for 2019-2020.

Released in October 2019.

2. Ofsted's New Inspection Framework

Published in May 2019.

3. Ministerial School Sport Action Plan

Published in July 2019.

4. Healthy Schools Rating Scheme

Announced in July 2019

1. Primary PE and School Sport Premium Guidelines for 2019-20

Latest Guidelines: On the 25th October, the Government released the latest information about the premium for 2019-2020. The information gives clear guidance on how much PE and sport premium funding schools receive and advice on how it should be spent. In total, the Government has allocated £320 million to improve the quality of PE and sport experiences for children in Years 1-6. Schools should have received the first installment of their funding by the 1st of November.

Please click here for full details of the 2019-20 guidance for the PE and School Sport Premium. It is worth noting that there are specific conditions of the grant for academies/free schools here, and for local authority/maintained schools here. It is advisable to share this information with school finance officers.

The DfE has commissioned afPE and the YST to produce a report template to help schools to review their provision. The template encourages schools to plan/report against the five key indicators, across which schools should demonstrate improvement. Please click here to open the report template, and here to view a pre-populated example.

The Guidance Detail: The guidance embraces the wish for all children to access a 'positive experience of sport and physical activity at a young age' in order to build a 'habit of participation' for life. The DfE have ensured that through the Education Inspection Framework (EIF), Ofsted inspectors will recognise schools for their work to support the personal development of pupils, including opportunities for children to learn about eating healthily and adopting active lifestyles.

Schools completing the teacher survey component of the Active Lives Survey for Children and Young People can receive national recognition for their offer, in the form of a Healthy Schools Rating of bronze, silver or gold. The information for this rating feeds national data sets, which schools can share with Ofsted inspectors.

The guidance aligns with the Government's new School Sport and Activity Action Plan. This plan outlines a commitment to ensure that all children and young people have access to at least 60 minutes of sport and physical activity per day. Please note that this still includes a recommendation for schools to deliver 30 minutes of this hour, during the school day. This guidance is in keeping with the Chief Medical Officer guidelines which recommends that children and young people achieve an average of at least 60 minutes per day across the week.

Report Deadline: Schools are to publish their reports by the 31st of July 2020. These reports are to be inclusive of Year 6 swimming statistics. Swim England have prepared excellent guidance for schools, to answer any query about the use of the premium for school swimming.

Checking Service: Please contact Annie Hargreaves via for free advice/support about the premium. Annie will provide a free checking service to ensure you are compliant with the conditions of the grant for this academic year, and 1-2-1 support if follow-on steps are required.

2. Ofsted's New Framework for 2019

Ofsted's new education inspection framework for 2019 was published in May, and applies to maintained schools and academies, non-association independent schools, further education and skills providers and early years settings. From September 2019, the new inspection framework will...

  • Focus on what children actually learn, ahead of results.
  • Discourage a culture of 'teaching to the test'
  • Include a new 'behaviour' judgement to give parents reassurance on bullying.

3. Ministerial School Sport Action Plan

Towards the end of 2018, the Government announced that they would be creating a cross-government school sport and activity action plan. The purpose of this plan is to ensure that all children have access to quality, protected PE and sport sessions during the school week and opportunities to be physically active throughout the school day.

The Plan should be launched this term (summer 2019) and will be informed by both the Active Lives: Children and Young People Survey findings and the new OFSTED Inspection Framework .

4. The Healthy Schools Rating

The Government launched the Healthy Schools Rating Scheme in July 2019. It is a voluntary scheme that allows schools to recognise their contribution to supporting pupils' health and wellbeing.

Schools will be able to determine how well they are promoting healthy eating and physical activity by completing a *self-assessment survey and receiving a rating based on their answers. *This survey is the 'teacher survey' component of the Active Lives Survey for children and young people, which selected schools across Dorset are invited to complete each term.

They could receive a bronze, silver or gold award for their performance, coupled with information on how they might improve their healthy living policies. Schools can use the award to show parents how they have performed.

Latest Government and Ofsted Documents

National Partner Support and Guidance Information

Sport England - Useful film clips on the development of PE and School Sport development, see clips below:

Swim England has prepared information on the Primary PE and Sport Premium for swimming and water safety, and further information on how best to report on attainment figures. They have also established a free on-line learning course which any PE Coordinator can book onto for the up-to-date guidance on swimming/water safety

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