Wet Weather:

In the advent of inclement weather the organised session may be cancelled on safety grounds. The coach leading the session will inform those registered to attend. The decision to cancel will be made 1- 2 hours before the session is due to start. Club and organised event session cancellations will be communicated through the club organiser.

Cancellations due to low numbers:

Some velodrome sessions have a minimum number requirement which is clearly indicated through the booking process. If the minimum number is not reached 12 hours before the session all the registered participants will be informed by the organiser/coach.

Membership Cancellation:

The annual membership of £60 (or £50 for under 18's) can be cancelled within one month of taking up the membership, with the rider receiving a 50% refund. After this time, no refunds are available.

Cancellation during session due to weather:

If you start your session and it has to be cancelled due to weather, a refund will be given to those paying per session at the coaches discretion.