Riding the Velodrome

Riding the Velodrome

How can you cycle the track?

The flat sections of the track and the in-field are available to everyone to use at any time except when a booked track session is in progress. We encourage riders to take advantage of this traffic free environment to learn to ride or build their confidence. Non-track bikes can be used in this area, but please do not use these beyond the inner blue line.

It is good practice to wear a helmet when cycling and we encourage all users of the space to do so.

Riding the banked areas

These are for use by track bikes only and at all times riders using the banked sections must:

  • Wear a suitable helmet
  • Use a suitable track bike
  • Be a current registered Bournemouth Velodrome User (either annual or session user) and have paid your fees in advance of riding.

If you wish to ride the banked sections outside of a booked session:

  • You do so at your own risk and are certifying that you are competent to do so through your membership of the velodrome.
  • You may only ride if it is safe to do so – If young or less confident riders are using the lower levels it is not considered safe for faster or older riders to use the velodrome at the same time

Maximum Numbers

A cycling session can have up to 28 experienced riders riding at any one time. Beginners, or novices are limited to 20.

Track cycling rider numbers are decided by the session coach, depending on the ability of the riders and the activity taking place at the time.