Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Track Limits

A cycling session can have up to 28 experienced riders. Beginners, or novices are limited to 15.

Track training sessions can have an absolute maximum of 30 riders on the track at any one time, but the number may be less by virtue of the ability of the riders, and the activity taking place at the time, riders numbers are decided by the session coach.


Hard Shell helmets must be worn whenever you are using the Bournemouth Velodrome facility (if you don't own a cycling helmet we have a number available).

Ensure that shoe laces and trouser bottoms are tucked in so they cannot come into contact with your chain.

Remove any baggy and flapping clothing (hoods, scarves, coats etc.) since they also pose a risk of getting caught in something.

For introduction to cycling sessions no specific cycling clothing is needed.

When taking up track cycling the coaches will advise on suitable wear to increase aerodynamic advantages, and reduce the chance of scrapes or injuries.

Minimum Age

Riders must be 3 or over for introductory riding and 9 or over for track cycling (and already be experienced cyclists).

Young track riders will be taught track etiquette when inducted, but need to be physically able to hold themselves up and set off from the perimeter fence.

British Cycling Insurance

We highly recommend that all members carry British Cycling insurance.


In the advent of inclement weather the organised session may be cancelled on safety grounds. The coach leading the session will inform those registered to attend. The decision to cancel will be made 1- 2 hours before the session is due to start. Club and organised event session cancellations will be communicated through the club organiser.

First Time Cyclists

Come along to the introductory cycling sessions and the instructor will welcome you.

First Time Track Riders

Come along on to either the introduction to track riding or if you feel more confident, any club session and the club coaches will welcome you.

They will ask you to complete a Rider Information form prior to the start of the session (parental permission is also required for all under 18's) and pay for the session.

They will help you collect a bike & crash helmet if you require them from the storeroom and go to the track entrance gate. The club will then coach the group how to ride the track safely.

Use of Own Bike

For introductory cycling sessions which exclude the velodrome banks you please bring your own bike. (We only provide track bike for track cycling sessions).

You may ride your own track bike, provided it meets the essential criteria details.

If you are unsure about any of the requirements, please ask the session organiser/coach in attendance at your session. You will be asked to check the condition of your bike and take responsibility for its safety.

Track Bike Hire

We have a fleet of track bikes which can be hired at a cost of £2.00 per session (subject to availability). This includes a helmet if required. Please do not have a peak fitted if you use your own helmet.

We don't allow riders to change to their own pedals as this can cause damage to the threads on the cranks.

The pedals fitted to our bikes allow you to use SPD, Look Keo, or alternatively toe-clips/straps.

Speak to the organiser/coach to make him/her aware of your requirements at least 20 minutes before the start of the session.

Before Riding

All track users are responsible for ensuring the track is clear of obstructions and defects and is safe to use before riding.


For any other information, particularly for first time riders of the track, please email us at